Propecia (Finasteride)


If you are a man that is losing your hair and you are looking for a solution, then you have probably heard of Propecia. It is one of the most commonly used solutions for male pattern baldness. Propecia is a prescription medicine, so you cannot just go and buy it at a pharmacy, you must get a prescription from a doctor’s office first. If you want to know what Propecia does, then you should first see what it is that actually causes male pattern balding, because Propecia fights against that process. Balding is caused by an excess of hormones that are called androgens. When you are taking Propecia, you are trying to decrease the production of these hormones.


Of course, it is important to remember that this drug is not a guarantee. You are not guaranteed to regain your hair and you are not even guaranteed to stop losing your hair. However, there have been a lot of success stories and according to the latest studies, close to 80 percent of men noticed that they started growing some hair after using the product for a year. So it definitely does work for some, but it is not something that is guaranteed to work for everyone. However, it is one of the better solutions. Not many people want to use wigs because they are potentially embarrassing. Also, there are many people doing hair transplants, but those procedures are very expensive, and even they do not have a 100 percent success rate.


Propecia is a solution that is not too expensive and that has show positive results for many, so it’s worth it to take a shot with this medicine if you are looking to get some hair back on your head. It is definitely a slow process though, and you will not see that many changes quickly. Usually, it will take about three months for you to notice that you have stopped losing hair if the drug is working. If it continues to work, then you might notice that you are growing new hair after six months. If you have used Propecia for a full 12 months and it still hasn’t worked for you, then there is a good chance that it will never work for you. This is unfortunate but it is a reality. It is also important to note that the drugs are pretty potent and that Propecia needs to be taken exactly as the doctor recommends it. The process dosage is important.

If you have kids, you should also keep them away from Propecia, because it can be hazardous to them. Also, women who are pregnant should not be handling Propecia pills either. Remember that it is a prescription drug, so if you are thinking of using it, you need to consult your doctor first to see whether or not he or she recommends it.


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